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Food with a story.
For weddings, supperclubs, and events.

Olivia Potts and Kate Young make up Feast: a luxury catering company.

Feast cater large weddings, supperclubs, dinner parties, corporate events, and garden parties. They are used to erecting professional kitchens in unusual spaces. As a team they have backgrounds in theatre producing and law, and are quick-thinking, flexible, hard working, and pride themselves on problem-solving.

As well as event catering, both are prolific and award-winning food writers with regular columns in the Guardian and Spectator. They recipe develop for various places, and care deeply about provenance and seasonality of ingredients; their food showcases the best of the best produce all through the year. They run a monthly supperclub in East London that celebrates food in cult television programmes. The Little Library Cookbook, Kate’s book featuring recipes inspired by beloved novels, was published in October 2017. Their feasting food has been featured in Sainsburys magazine, Waitrose magazine, North Four and Culture Whisper.