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The West Wing Saturday 24 March

The West Wing Saturday 24 March

from 32.50

Bartlett: Well, chili’s ready and I hope you all enjoy it. In fact, since I told you you would enjoy it, I’m reasonably certain that you will. 

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The Portland Trip
Whiskey Sour
LEO What did you have?
DONNA Two whiskey sours and a bowl of soup.
The Midterms
‘Alaskan’ crab puffs
BARTLET There'll be crab puffs. New England crab puffs, by the way, made in New England.
SAM Actually, it's Alaskan crab, sir.
BARTLET There's Alaskan crab in this White House?
17 People
Noodles and egg rolls
SAM We’ve ordered Chinese food.
The Crackpots and These Women
Chilli, cornbread, and sides
ZOEY Taste this. Doesn’t it need cumin?
CHARLIE It needs oregano.
ZOEY Well, let’s get to work.
Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going To Jail
A big block of cheese(cake)
LEO Because it’s Big Block of Cheese Day, Josh.

7.30pm. Saturday 24 March.
London. Highams Park. E4.